"Our unique treats are anything but traditional, and draw inspiration from the flavors, aromas and cuisine of my native Morocco."


As a young girl I remember the incredible sights, flavors and smells of the cookies and pastries in the patisseries of Casablanca. Sweets in Morocco are traditionally reserved for special occasions, and are often small bites packed with rich and complex flavors—something to be savored. Moroccan bakers combined traditional French influences with local, spices, nuts and oils and thousands of years of Berber, Moorish and Arabic techniques. Everything they made was so delicious, full of flavor and texture – rich and complex. And it is in this tradition that I first developed our artisan biscotti.


So what is a Moroccan Biscotti? Well, to begin with, it's not like any biscotti that you have ever had before. The blend of fresh nuts and spices, combined with traditional double baking, produces biscotti that are rich in flavor and texture–with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and anise. Our plain biscotti are delicious on their own, and make a sweet companion to tea or coffee. Our chocolate coated biscotti raise the bar even higher, adding layers of premium dark chocolate and a variety of toppings that transform our biscotti into a decadent desert.


We hope you enjoy eating our biscotti as much as we enjoy making it! We are continually refining and re-inventing and always love to get your feedback so don’t hesitate to drop me a line —and friend us on facebook— to tell us how we are doing!


Life is sweet, treat yourself!




Asma Chabbi

Executive Pastry Chef

Want to know more? Well I can’t tell you all our secrets, but I can share the details that make our biscotti so unique!


Ingredients – this is where our passion starts. We use only the finest and freshest natural ingredients, because they are the foundation of all the delicious favors and textures you will experience in our artisan biscotti. We create our own nut flower from freshly roasted nuts, and grind and blend our spices for rich and layered favors. We use real butter, real sugar, never anything artificial, and never any preservatives. Quality ingredients, love and passion all combine to produce an exceptional taste experience.


Process - our artisan biscotti are a labor of love, requiring care and attention to every detail to produce our exceptional treats. The biscotti are twice baked, and spend hours in our ovens slowly developing the rich tastes and textures you will experience as you bite into one. All of our biscotti are hand cut, and made fresh to order in small batches. Yes, our treats are like traditional Italian biscotti because they are twice baked – which gives our biscotti its pleasing crunch – but that is where the similarity ends. Our biscotti are smaller and sweeter than Italian biscotti, and their rich, developed flavors and textures are unlike any you have ever tasted!


Chocolate Coatings – all of our chocolate biscotti are hand coated with premium Couverture 60% Callebaut dark chocolate, which we think is a perfect compliment to the tastes and textures of our artisan biscotti and toppings. However, we know chocolate lovers come in all varieties so for those who prefer a different experience we offer the option of premium Callebaut milk and white chocolate coatings.


Toppings - our chocolate coated biscotti feature a variety of fresh toppings. We roast all our nuts daily, and grind fresh nutmeg and toast fresh coconut. Our standard toppings include roasted almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, shredded coconut, and chocolate sprinkles. We offer seasonal specialties from time to time, so keep an eye out!


Adornments - our almond paste adornments are hand made and add personality to our specialty chocolate coated biscotti. Add a little fun, glamour, elegance or style to your biscotti for a truly unique experience. They are particularly popular for weddings, baby showers, parties and special events—and anytime you want to “wow” your friends or customers! We offer a variety of standard designs that can be colored to match any party or holiday theme. We can also create custom embellishments for corporate events and promotions, just contact us to discuss your ideas!



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